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Life with Horses:

To anyone seeking breakthrough evolution in riding and relationship with horses and self, Paula Lambie is truly life changing.   From her lifetime of over 6 decades of integrated horse-human training and education, she is one of those rare talents who possesses cross disciplinary technical proficiency with an empathetic and holistic approach to riding, teaching, training, mentoring and horsemanship.  Her world class capabilities and offerings transcend traditional divisions among breeds, disciplines, tack, levels and limitations.  Leveraging her broad and deep global experience mentoring riders from all walks of life (spanning troubled teens through therapeutic programs she created to competitive Grand Prix riders), Paula can tailor a program for your unique personal goals and learning style.  Beyond words can express, I wholeheartedly recommend and am forever grateful for Paula’s ongoing transformative impact on the evolution of my riding, horsemanship, and overall life among horses!


Life as Human Best Self:

Unequivocally, Paula is a beautiful and brilliant life coach and Reiki Master, who with empathy,  passion, and decades of holistic learnings, can help you transcend life challenges, enable the manifestation of your highest self and heart’s desire.  If you are wanting and ready to step onto and into your best life on your path, Paula can help unlock your vortex of creativity and power, and facilitate your abundance, joy, and vitality. Whether you seek a Reiki Master, health wellness nutrition plan, or a life coach, Paula is the seasoned guide (angel) you are seeking !