Life Coaching:

Paula offers one on one private sessions to help people with life’s challenges. Through Reiki, DofNA and other modules she seeks to join with the client and allow the release of stress, trauma, pain, grief, anxiety, depression, blockades, negative emotions and experiences. This is offered on an hourly basis.

Reiki insight sessions include guided meditation and giving insight (bringing the client to inner answers), aligning chakra’s, boosting Chi energy, enhancing better sleep, relaxation and the self-healing ability of the body. She works through foot massage pressure points which works throughout the whole body as well as on various energy levels.
Reiki insight sessions are $90 one hour session.

DofNA (Discharge of Neural Aspects) releases trauma from the body (removing “trigger points”) and addressing the emotional background as well as family blood lines behind the trauma.
Reiki sessions are done prior to DofNA. DofNA sessions are $120 for the first session and $180 for following sessions. Paula is a well accomplished practitioner and have helped many people and horses over the years.

Horse Coaching:

Horse Coaching are one on one sessions with the herd of horses where the horse works as a mirror for the client. Horse coaching is UNMOUNTED and no prior experience with horses is needed. Paula Lambie works as an interpreter of the herd mirroring the client’s questions/issues.

Horses are intuitive beings that can sense underlying emotions in the client and the horse coach (Paula Lambie) will interpret the feedback from the herd to the client, bringing insights and answers.
“Experiential” as it pertains to horse coaching means that you will be involving all your senses, breathing, touching, feeling with being with the horses and in nature (or in the barn). Horse coaching goes straight to the heart of what you are passionate about and helps you see clearly what stops you from living a full out, fulfilled life.
Horse Coaching sessions are $90 for one hour private session.

Call or text Paula for more info: 603 716 6335.

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