Horse Coaching

Horses are true Teachers and provide life-altering experiences. They bring forward one’s truth, authenticity, and deep-seated life purpose and passion. Their deep sensory awareness allows them to read and reflect back on a human’s emotional state providing clear feedback.
Horse Coaching is a method where you learn by the mirror (feedback) of the horse, translated by your certified horse coach Paula Lambie at Human Horse Balance Ranch here in Windsor SC. The horse coach also helps you to use the feedback in life practice.
We go walk into the herd of horses and feel which horse draws you or we let the horse choose you. It is a deeply felt connection and a truly meaningful experience (always on the ground so sturdy shoes are advised). The horses will lead you to any answers in life you seek.
As horses do this from unconditional love and without judgment the feedback is sensitive, honest, and gives immediate insights.
If you would like to explore the power of horses to enhance your life path and relationships, Human Horse Balance Ranch is the place for you.
Call or text Paula for more information or to make an appointment at: 603-716-6335.