About Us

Paula & Peter Lambie

Paula Lambie–van Bemmelen (born in Amsterdam, NL, immigrated in 2012) has been engaged with horses ever since the age of 6 and felt a deep connection with them from the very beginning. Throughout the years she has developed a special way to connect with and help/heal horses.

She is a Master Certified Integrated Horsemanship and Integrated Riding Instructor & -Trainer (4 years of education plus a 3 years Master).

She is also a Reiki Master Practitioner giving Reiki sessions to horses and people and giving classes (Reiki Initiations) as well.

Together with her Twin Flame, Pete Lambie (born in Boston, US) Human Horse Balance was started to be of service, helping humans and horses in various ways. Pete is also a Reiki practitioner in a unique emphatic, warm and compassionate way. Pete enjoys mentoring local kids/youth and helping them develop confidence and leadership skills. He has an open, sympathetic, and understanding heart and ear and is loved and respected by many.

Pete and Paula are living their dream: having a healing and coaching center and being in service for humans and horses.  They continue to enjoy exploring this life path together.