Lessons & Training


Daily lessons (incl. weekends) all levels and ages from the basics of grooming, groundwork, Integrated Horsemanship to Integrated Riding with the emphasize on connecting to your horse (fun riding in balance and from your body language).

Lessons are private and vary from a half hour $35, one hour $50 and more advanced extra full hour exclusive riding for $60. Group lessons are limited possible and are $40 per person.

We have a large indoor so the lessons are ALL YEAR LONG ! We also have a large outdoor arena as well as a round pen to ride in. Trails are right from the back of our property and we offer trail rides as a lesson for our regular clients.


Our Horses:

Haflinger Esprit (flew with me from NL) is an amazing gentle, beautiful and experienced horse that takes care of her riders and adjust to the level her rider has. She also helps people to overcome fear and aids in riding for special challenged children as well. Her smooth gait is perfect to ride bareback and gain your trust for riding in balance.

Launcelot, our rescue Icelandic (gated) horse, is the favorite of many kids as he is very soft spoken, bomb proof, gentle and easy to ride with the extra gait Icelandic horse have: the tölt.

Argo, our big gentle QH, loves kids and provides lessons to adults as well and has very nice demeanor and smooth gaits (even bareback). He is part of the horse coaching as well.

Our boarder horse Scout, Pinto, is our lesson barrel race/jumping specialist.

~All above mentioned horses are part of our Summer Horse Camp for Kids as well.

Tilly, Hackney mare who flew with me from the Netherlands as well, is retired but loves to be brushed, cuddled and groundwork.

Troy, our sorrel Solid Paint, is our newest horse and still green, so we have started his training and have very high hopes for him as he is so outgoing, cuddly, sweet and open. He pulls on your heart-string.


All year long Training, Problem Solving and Rehab with the healing touch of Reiki in it, made custom fit to your horse.

Human Horse Balance offers an unique way of training, problem solving and rehab for your horse, including Reiki sessions for your horse and lessons for yourself to enhance/restore the communication between your and your horse leading to harmony that you were looking for. The training is made custom fit for your needs.
Paula is a Master Certified Integrated Horsemanship Trainer / Riding Instructor / Clinician (4 years education and 3 years Master). Various Training packages are available (please call Paula for more info).

At the moment we have a special offer for one month training $1.100,00 (including the $700 board) which entails evaluation/Reiki sessions (worth $90 per session) for the horse, custom fit training your horse considering it’s level and ability and including once a week private lessons (worth $60 per lesson) for you to deeper connect and communicate with your horse. Each week we discuss the progress made. Usually a two month training is the most effective.

Training’s are given all year long as we have a huge indoor arena and heated tack room / viewing room as well as a round pen, outdoor arena and trails from the property.

Pete and Paula Lambie provide the best possible care and rehab for you and your horse in a beautiful, peaceful, open minded, healing, relaxing environment located in a secluded setting in Center Conway (address: 281 Odell Hill Road, Center Conway, NH 03813).

We hope to be of service to you as well as your horse.

Phone +1 (603) 716 6335 or email at paula@humanhorsebalance.com or paulavb@live.nl for further information, we look forward to working with you !

Phone or text are the best way to reach Paula.